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I’ll Never Forget My First Pull-Up

Never Forget

That pull-up was a goal of mine. It was a huge goal.

Because in my search for stress-relief I learned the magic of exercise. The more I exercised, the more I wanted to know.

I was especially fond of body-weight exercise because I didn’t hurt myself when I did it.

I eventually learned that there were just 4 core body-weight exercises and their variations.

The four are:

  • The squat
  • The leg lift
  • The push-up
  • The pull-up

I could do the other three. But I couldn’t do the pull-up. And that bugged me!

So, I started to work on it. I did all the easier variations of the pull-up that I could manage. The easiest one is to get under a low bar with your feet on the ground and pull up in what looks more like an inverted push-up. Sometimes you can find a crossbar on a swing set that is at the right height for this.

So the day I did a full pull up was special. I cherished it.

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