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Books by Art

“The Art Of…” series by Art S. Lieberman.

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Buy The Art Of Focus

“I tend to rebel at the thought of changing my habits, but this little book makes all those improvements seem possible because it encourages the reader to approach change incrementally.”

The Art Of Focus Review by an Amazon Verified Purchaser

Buy The Art Of Motivation

“Art is a true teacher. In this book he lays out a program to motivate and invigorate not just teachers but anyone who is lacking motivation. He explores all facets of motivation and in true teacher style ends each chapter with some actions to put his ideas into practice.”

The Art Of Motivation review by J. Frazier

Buy The Art Of Attitude

“Art Lieberman’s voice is strong and sure. He knows attitudes count. He creates gentle no-nonsense opportunities for the reader to be honest in seeing him/herself in life’s situations.”

The Art Of Attitude review by Betsy Tucker

Buy The Lazy Art Of Weight Loss

“This book is a well-written autobiographical account of the author’s weight-loss journey and what he did to spur that on. Art writes in a fun and easy to understand way. I was especially thankful that his book was free of the jargon that is typical of books in the weightloss/diet category. I highly recommend Art’s book.”

The Lazy Art Of Weight Loss review by SP