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Art S. Lieberman – Book Editor

Every author needs a second set of eyeballs.

If you are ready to have your work edited, I will do that for you.

I am the published author of The Art of Focus and The Art of Motivation (

I have also edited books for David Geurin, the author of Future Driven and Jonathan Green of Serve No Master fame.

Jonathan’s book was an unusual task because he was experimenting with a computer dictating tool, so the book lacked punctuation and many of the words were dictated incorrectly by the software. Two other editors had quit on him once they saw that mess.

I had a blast working on their books.

And I’d love to give your manuscript a look.

Interested? Catch me on Twitter @artfling.

Or send an email to I’ll call you and we can figure out what you need.Art Lileberman Book Editor