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Why the Weight is Not Your Fault

The first time I heard someone say that my weight was not my fault, my mind cooked up a bunch of reasons why that wasn’t true. Of course it was my fault, right? I mean, I was the one who kept dumping food into my mouth.

But the answer is more complicated. And as a preview to where I’m going with this, though the problem is not your fault, you’re the only one who is going to solve it.

Often people with a weight problem are eating what the stuff they think their recent ancestors, their parents and their grandparents. They think they are eating traditional food. The stuff they were passed down. It’s family right?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the food we are eating is not what our grandparents grew up on. It has all changed.

Sure, it looks the same sometimes… But it’s been tampered with. The ham, the chicken, the breads, and the pasta. Everything you like and associate with family and good times. They’ve learned how to grow it bigger with hormones and GMOs. They’ve learned how to make it last for years on the shelf. They’ve learned how to make it cheaper.

That Coke which was bad for us in 1975 is much worse now because now, they sweeten it with trash sugars. High fructose corn syrup. It used to have cane sugar in it.

And trash oils are in everything. I like peanuts. When I got into eating healthy food and intermittent fasting, I wanted to eliminate the trash oils. Basically there are two or three oils that are good for us, olive oil, coconut oil… Maybe one or two more.

But cottonseed oils and peanut oils, corn oils, anything they call vegetable oil, is trash. The reason olive and coconut oil is good is because they simple squeeze the fruit and out comes the oil. Easy. But that other stuff they have to hit it up with all kinds of chemicals to get the oil separated out.

Back to what I said at the beginning. It’s not your fault. The food changed under your very nose like a Trojan horse and you didn’t realize it. They made it taste so good that you wanted to stuff yourself with it.

They have done this chemically. Think about that. They are making you want to keep putting the food in your mouth with a carefully designed cocktail of chemicals that they cook into your food.

Though big food manufacturers dirtied up your food, I don’t think they are going to be the ones to solve the problem. They are still making billions of dollars (and other currency). They have little incentive to stop.

That makes you responsible for paying attention.

I mean, who is going to start reading labels for you? Who is going to make sure you get educated in real nutrition? You.

The only way you can stop overeating is to get yourself away from the trash sweeteners and oils. And it’s not easy. That stuff is addictive. Your metabolism is all out of whack. That’s why you struggle with the weight.

Personally, I got off the sodas gradually. Then, one day, no more. Some people cut themselves off and go cold turkey.

However you do it, figure out how to eat real food. Look at the labels and get away from the chemicals, and the trash oils and sweeteners. Then, you can win this battle.

And stop beating yourself up. You didn’t even know they had adulterated your food. And even when you know it’s there, it can take awhile to get away from it.

Buy real food. Food you like. Fruit in season. Fatty meat can be great, but even that’s been jacked up with hormones. And the stuff that hasn’t is expensive.

For me it’s been a slow process, and I still eat the trash sometimes. But, I’m getting there. Taking steps of some kind is better than giving up. Today, I’m better than ever before. It didn’t happen overnight.

I’ll say it again. It’s not your fault. Yes, you put the food in your mouth, but you didn’t quirt it with laboratory junk.

What can you do today? Learn what you have available that is good, real food. Eat more of that. Add in some intermittent fasting. Tweak your carbs down as needed.

And the weight will start to go.

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