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Weight Loss is Yours for the Taking

Weight comes off easily. Without. Hardly. Trying.

And you don’t have to eat like a sheep.

Don’t have to eat like a sheep.

I know that sounds like a heap of stink when you’ve been struggling. See, that’s what I thought about people who made what sounded like exaggerated claims.

I didn’t this trust until I spoke to a real guy, a real guy who told me what happened to his body when he did these things.

I am a real guy who is really losing weight. I’m almost 58 years and the weight is coming off easy as pie.

Am I saying that it works exactly the same for every single person? No, that’s not the claim.

I am saying that after 40 years of struggling with MY weight, it came off easily. If it works that easily for me, it’s reasonable that it will work for most other people.

I believe (because I’ve done the research) that this will work for 85% of men who try. And you don’t have to have a 25 year old metabolism for it to work.

I believe it will work for women too, but usually it will take longer.

It will work for diabetics and people on medication, but they’ll have to work with their doctors who may or may know about these weight loss methods. It was doctors (like Jason Fung) who worked with diabetics who discovered these principles.

Your body will drop weight if you give it the message that you want it to do that.

This is the basic idea: Eat two meals a day in a 6 hour period of time. Eat high fat, low carb meals. Eat until you are full.

Drink plenty of water. Sleep. Be more active doing things you enjoy.

Exercise intensely for 15 minutes a week.

That’s how it works. It works differently for everyone. But it works.

Want to know more?

Get the book The Lazy Art of Weight Loss, to know how to get started today.

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