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Hacking The Art of Focus on The One Teaching Tip Podcast

The Art of Focus 

One thing I love to do on the One Teaching Tip podcast is to hack other author’s table of contents. This is where I just go through the TOC and see what we can learn even if we don’t read the book.

Today’s hack isn’t really true to that formula because, I know the contents of the book. Usually, when I do this, I don’t know the book.

I bet you’ll enjoy listening to the show.

In this show we talk about these 3 ideas…

  • Sweat Is Beautiful
  • X The Box
  • The Big Whoop

First, by “Sweat Is Beautiful,” I mean that exercise is powerful at relieving stress. If exercise were a drug, it would be regulated by the authorities. Most people (certainly most Americans), don’t get any exercise.

If they knew what amazing things it does for minds and bodies, you wouldn’t be able to keep them from it.

Secondly, in “X The Box,” I talk about how important good nutrition is for all of us. The reason it’s called “X The Box,” is this: when we buy food in a box, it’s been manufactured.

That usually means it is harming us. Studies show that processed foods lead to all kinds of diseases. X that box… Get rid of it.

Finally, “The Big Whoop” is about figuring out why you want to do something grand. We all have grand ideas, big ideas that take a lot of energy to get done.

When we know our “Big Why” or “The Big Whoop,” we can make huge strides. Obstacles don’t stop us. When we don’t know why we are doing something, when things get hard, we quit.

These are a few ideas that are in the book The Art of Focus.

By the way, in today’s show, I talk about these exercise resources:

If you haven’t reviewed The Art of Focus yet, please go get yourself a copy at and read it. It’s short.

Then put up a short review on Amazon.

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