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About Art S. Lieberman

Art Lieberman lives in the clothes of a teacher. He’s been teaching in public schools since 1993, the experience of which has taught him many ways of walking a productive and happy life, ways that he writes about in his The Art Of… series.

Make no mistake, though; The Art Of… series extends Art’s ways much farther than the teaching community, it applies them to daily life in general.

Not only that, science has tried and tested Art’s ways of “Eliminat[ing] Stress, Boost[ing] Your Confidence, And Reach[ing] Your Goals,” as he lays out in The Art Of Focus, and, “How To Move Your Diet To The Backburner And Keep Losing Fat,” in The Lazy Art Of Weight Loss.

This four book series costs less than most courses in the same material–AND! it’s probably shorter, too. Art wrote each book for 1-2 hour read throughs and easy access for re-studying materials.

Art looks to touch the people around him through windows of easy access. He too knows what it’s like to live life under immense stress and with little time to spare. The teaching life isn’t easy, and he knows that the lesson’s he’s learned are lessons that people can apply far and wide.

Join him in his journey in seeking a fulfilling life.

The Art Of… series.